Stomach pain is a prevalent problem among many people regardless of their age or gender. Stomach pains, or “stomach aches” are a general feeling of discomfort in the abdominal region. Since there is a full spectrum of factors which cause stomach pains, it may be hard to find a remedy for a particular cause without consulting a physician. The treatment of stomachaches depends on the causes and before opting for a natural remedy, it is prudent to know the reason for the pain.

There are numerous reasons for stomach pains; indigestion is the primary cause of stomach pains together with irritable bowel syndrome, to gastritis. Acidity in the stomach may lead to a discomforting sensation in your belly, which could be followed by a severe stomach pain. If you do not meet the daily threshold of water levels in your body, you could suffer from constipation, which could adversely result in stomach pains. For people with ulcers, appendicitis, menstrual cramps, hernia as well as stomach infections, there is a high likelihood of stomach discomfort. Other common causes of stomach pains include stones in the kidneys, urinary tract, and gallbladder infections, food allergies, and the gastroesophageal reflux disease, among several others.

Fortuitously, there are readily available natural remedies to deal with that prevalent and discomforting stomachache. Lemon is one of the easily accessible natural remedies for treating stomach pains. A person suffering from stomach pain will need to squeeze a lemon into a glass of drinkable water. Adding honey will make it easier to drink the lemon water. Alternatively, you can mix honey with lemon tea. Ginger is also an excellent natural remedy for stomach pains. Ginger tea will relieve your stomachache as it helps in relieving indigestion.

Ginger juice and mint juice are both natural remedies for curing stomach pains. A person with stomach pains should mix teaspoons of lime juice and mint juice together with a teaspoon of ginger juice. A pinch of black salt to the cocktail is advisable. The mixture gives quick relief from chronic stomach pains. Peppermint works effectively as a natural stomachache remedy. You may chew some fresh peppermint leaves or make tea using them. Drinking a cup of chamomile tea will also greatly aid with stomach pains.

The list of natural remedies for stomach pains is inexhaustible. If you or your family member has those discomforting, chronic stomach pains, any of the above-discussed natural remedies will provide quick relief. Other remedies may include aniseed or fennel, caraway seed or ajwain, cinnamon tea, rosemary oil and aloe vera. If pains persist, it is advisable to seek medical assistance.

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